Almokhtas Company

for artistic and cinematic production

About us

An artistic production company that provides press services and is managed by a specialized technical staff with modern equipment and studios. The company was established in 2022

Current Business

Now the company provides services to the German  SWR channel

The company's business

Making documentaries and press reports with the latest equipment and the expertise of experienced technicians
Making hotel reservations for press groups throughout the working period
Making temporary and annual visas for journalists
Obtaining security permits for journalists
Detecting filming locations and obtaining approvals from the company
Transportation between filming locations

Our goals are based on careful strategic and operational planning

Our Services

Making hotel reservations for journalists

Security permits and approvals

Submit ideas and stories

The company takes care of transportation between filming locations

Full disclosure of filming locations

A specialized translator and producer

Reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction

our clients

Providing benefits to the general community

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision

Entrepreneurship and achieving the best level of excellence Excellence in providing artistic and cinematic production at the national and international levels.

Our mission

Achieving the best level of distinction and excellence in artistic and cinematic production, and reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction while preparing the best cadres that help the company’s customers to be in touch with globalization and open markets.

Contact Us

Company Address

Baghdad -karada insaid - Al-Yasmeen Building - Third Floor, Apartment No. 25






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